Go Long!

Every time… EVERY TIME, I have a client tell me that they want to grow their hair out I try to warm them that the longer their hair gets the more they have to take care of. This is occasionally met with skepticism and phrases like “It won’t be that bad”, and “I’m not buying a blow dryer”. The next visit usually goes something like “ugh, I can’t take this anymore”, or “what is the cheapest blow dryer I can get?”. So here’s my sized down presentation on what to expect when you’re expecting to grow your hair longer.

Hair grows about a half inch a month, so if you want 5 inches of hair and it’s usually kept around 2 inches, you’re gonna have to wait at least 6 months to get that mane you desire. I say ‘at least’ because no hair grows at the exact same rate as their neighbor and the ends start looking very wispy unless you trim them every couple of months. In this grow out process I usually focus on keeping the sideburns in check and the nape clean to avoid mullet effects. Usually a ¼ inch trim every two months or so is all that is needed to keep things clean. Hair does grow quicker and thicker on the back and sides because there is more blood flowing around those follicles than on top of the head, so you might need the sides cut more often.

Then there are the extra tools you will need in order to realize your movie star hair dreams. 

Blow dryer: You’re gonna want to spend at least $60 or so and make sure it has a ‘cool’ button.

Vented Brush: They aren’t expensive, but make sure you get a brush that allows air to flow through it, otherwise you’re wasting time and electricity.

Hair product: Something with a matte or light sheen finish that reacts well to heat and sets when you warm it up, make sure it won’t just melt away. 

Time: Practice, practice, practice. You didn’t get good at anything without repetition, this is no different.

Kyle LarsenLarsen Barber