Lick a Cow!

Swirls, starts, cowlicks. There are many names for the most annoying and nonsensical growth patterns that we all have. Most people know that hair patterns have a swirl around the back part of the crown of the head that resembles a crop circle. They can be clockwise or counter clockwise and can have one or two actual swirls in them. The way your swirl grows usually informs your hair as to which side your natural part is. If your swirl is clockwise your part will be on your left, if counter clockwise it will be on your right. Kind of.

First off swirls, the one place you hair is least likely to play fair is around this area. Hair likes to stick up or matt down or stop growing altogether. There are a handful of different ways that haircare professionals deal with this, but the two most common are leave it long or cut it short. If you cut is short you get a little more of a high and tight military look, if you leave it long it tends to read younger.

Cowlicks are the less common, yet more annoying cousin of swirls. They usually occur around the neckline or forehead. Sometimes your part should be on the right, but your cowlick in front creates a part on the left. In cases like this I usually suggest the path of least resistance.

We all have aspects of our hair that annoy us, I’m here to make sure your annoyance levels stay low.

Kyle LarsenLarsen Barber