The Shampoo Sham

Shampoo companies have spent a lot of money making us fear having dirty hair. The idea of washing my hair with every shower (sometimes twice daily) seemed obligatory in my youth. I have come to understand that my actual shampoo needs are somewhere around once a week at most and always in tandem with a conditioner. There are many factors involved, environmental dirt, the amount of oil your scalp produces, what products you use, what type of hair you have, and what kind of water you shower with all play a part in this conundrum.

First off, the follicles in your scalp do a really good job of regulating the oil levels in your hair. When you over-shampoo your hair it strips all the dirt, grime, and oil from it an leaves it dry and brittle. Conditioner is necessary to add the moisture back once you’ve stripped of all it’s natural protection. Otherwise your scalp starts creating more oil than necessary and overcompensates until your hair is greasy.

Secondly, your hair isn’t that dirty. If you work as a mechanic or waste removal person then you probably have really gross things in your hair that need to be cleaned out. If you sweat a little bit, or even a lot, you don’t have dirty hair you essentially have saline on your head. Saline is the same thing people wash contacts with so it must not be that dirty.

Lastly, before I bludgen my readers over the head with too many nit picks. Don’t buy drug store/expired products. Beauty products have a shelf life that should be observed. Have you ever seen a bottle of your favorite product for sale somewhere but it’s in an older style or unrecognizable container? It’s probably been liquidated to the last buyer possible. It has also probably lost a lot of it’s functionality and may cause more problems than it solves. In summation, always buy from trustworthy vendors!

That’s it for now, feel free to chime in and let me know if this is helpful or you would like further info. Thanks for reading!

Kyle LarsenLarsen Barber