What IS a Barber?

The word barber comes from the latin word barba (beard) and has a long history of variant definitions. From shaving, to dentistry and even surgery barbers have had many specialties throughout recorded history.

In Washington State where I live the barber license allows for a very narrow field of work. It allows for shaving faces and heads with strop razors, facial and scalp treatments, haircutting and styling. A cosmetology license on the other hand allows for chemical treatments like color, perms and straightening as well as manicures and some waxing.

So what am I getting at?

I am a licensed barber, I cut hair, in fact I love cutting hair! From head shaves to long lady hair I am learning to love all aspects of the parameters of my license. However I often find reticence from people with longer hair when I tell them that I am a barber and suggest that I cut their hair. I think this is because our culture has viewed barbers as doing only clipper cuts and only the shortest at that. I have also found on occasion that since I a white I am not viewed as a “real barber” since I couldn’t possibly cut curly hair.

Well, I am a real Barber. I was trained by wonderful instructors in the Sassoon method of precision haircutting and then spent the next three years in a barbershop perfecting my clipper skills. I take a tremendous amount of pride in my work and I am always concerned with creating unique shapes that are tailored to every individual.

TL:DR Barber is a label that means “hair cutter”

Thank you for listening.

Kyle LarsenLarsen Barber