After Shave is NOT Cologne

I have talked to a lot of men who's only frame of reference for aftershave is "Home Alone". Most of us think that it is a painful cologne intended to make us smell like a sexy manly man.  But it's true use is an astringent, to disinfect your face and clarify pores (that might otherwise get clogged with shaving cream and sloughed off skin from your razor) causing razor bumps and ingrown hairs. My personal favorite choice for a natural, low ingredient astringent that won't make you smell like grandpa is witch hazel. It's cheap, it's in every pharmacy and grocery store and the smell is gone in seconds. If you are having troubles with ingrown hair you might also try a product called No Bump, but it's gonna sting. Also, consider using an exfoliating face scrub every couple of days. 

Kyle Larsen