Service Referrals in Seattle

Jason Farmer

Born in a hovel and raised in a chicken coup, this cock of the walk is a full service Barber from fades to shaves. His sense of humor is as twisted as mine so feel free to 'go there' in conversation. He is located at Collage Salon on 1st and Bell st. Click HERE to book with him!

Mostafa "Mo" 

Mostafa is the current owner of Acme Barbershop on Bellevue and Denny, where I cut my teeth as a beginner and where I met most of you. He taught me a lot of what I know and he gets it DONE!!! To book with Mostafa Click HERE.

Jared Brown

I've known Jared since he emerged from Barber school and it has been a pleasure to see him thrive. He cuts at The Scotch Pine on Capitol Hill. Click HERE to book with him.


Emerson Salon

All of my former co-conspirators are also available for appointments, find out who they are and what they're good at with a Click HERE.